Metallic Leafing

Metallic Leafing as ceiling and wall finishes have been in existence for hundred of years but in the cyclical nature of interiors is very strong in current design trends. Our metallic finishes embody both old and new technology. We specialize in gold, silver, copper, composite gold and aluminum leaf finishes done in both traditional and contemporary designs. The beauty of these finishes is their versatility and advantage over papers in being able to customize color, sizing and the ability to cover items not easily addressed by paper. Our most recent design incorporates aluminum leaf over a metallic gold background, softly distressed with a sheer gold glaze. Other Metallic Finishes are created incorporating custom glazes utilizing numerous different effects including stippling, color gradation, mottled, graphic patterns, all in many varieties and combinations of metallic colors. In addition to walls and ceilings these finishes can beautifully transform furniture as well.